1. Food Wine
    Wine South Australia Food
    Being surrounded by fertile lands and rich waters, Kangaroo Island produces some of the finest of Australia's gourmet foods. Gastronomic adventurers will be amazed by the likes of freshly caught King George Whiting, sheep's cheese, marron, a unique variety of honey and an exciting range of wines
  2. Ocean Safari
    Dolphins Kangaroo Island South Australia
    You will be amazed when you see places like Dolphin Cove, Cuttlefish Bay, Kangaroo Head and Snapper Point. Kangaroo Island truly is one of the most desirable destinations for tourist travel and our Ocean Safari provides one of the most exceptional Kangaroo Island experiences.
  3. Walks, Trails
    walks, trails, South Australia, Kangaroo Island
    With over 23 hikes around Kangaroo Island there are trails to suit everybody. For beginners to the more experienced, there are hikes ranging from 30 minutes to 8 hours or even days on the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail lasting 5 days.
  4. Fishing
    Fishing South Australia
    Fishing Kangaroo Island
    There are many places to fish on the Island, we can supply you with basic fishing tackle and information on where to go to get the best fish available or we can recommend some personal fishing guides / charters for you.
  5. Wilderness
    Native animals Kangaroo Island
    Owing to its isolation from the mainland, the Island retains more than half of its native ‘old-growth' vegetation - more than one-third of the Island is declared Conservation or National Park and it has five significant Wilderness Protection Areas. So Kangaroo Island continues to be a special and protected place.
  6. Action Tours
    Quad Bike Kayak tours Kangaroo Island
    A guided quad bike tour with the team at Kangaroo Island Outdoor Action is the best way to see an otherwise inaccessible part of Kangaroo Island. Ride your own quad bike (ATV) through 500 acres of open grassland and pristine native bush, checking out stunning views of the Southern Ocean along the way.
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